ZZR screenshots thread

Who am I to say 'no'? ;) Sorry if some of these have been posted before! I'm as yet a little hesitant to show the actual 'Zig Zag' area, as well as the stations, as I NEED to finish much content before they will look close to satisfactory! All the track is there, etc, it's just the content that needs finishing.


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Space marine. He won't reply for awile cause he's on holidays...( or has he gone back down yet tom?)

Hey kids,

You don't need to bump the thread, Spacey and Anthony. If there's updates, I'll post them.

I've spent the past two months in Newcastle and Tamworth, although I'll be back in Melbourne in a few days.

Concerning the project though, I've decided to nick off overseas to the Arab Emirates, UK and Europe for a while from March, and perhaps moving to the UK depending on how things go. That means between now and when I leave I'll be too busy packing my place in Melbourne up to do any work.

Depending on how cynical I feel about this thinning community and if I think I'll have a chance of finishing anything off, I might consider uploading
this and other routes as is, as well as any content (finished or not) and max files to a website somewhere. Maybe someone might continue and finish them, but I'm inclined not to so far, as I'm rather protective of those hundreds of hours of work, as I hope you can understand!

If someone actually does have the time and knows what they're doing with both route making and 3D modeling, I would have less qualms about sending my source files though.

If I don't move to the UK, I'll be back and able to finish a rack of things off sometime late August.


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That will be some trip Ed, wish I could tag along to do some railfanning in those countries. Whatever your decisions Ed, thanks for your contributions over the years.

The screenies you showed of ZZR were simply stunning, it's amazing what can be achieved in Surveyor.

All the best in whatever you do Ed.:)
Hi Ed,
if you have unfinished 3d stuff i'm happy to look at it, a list of what's left to do would be good but not mandatory