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xing problems:(
I am constantly having problems with xing 1 & 2 level crossings (and all other types of crossing too for that matter). After installation about 50% of them subsequently sink down about 1, 2 metres or even up to 3 metres in the ground, often they sever themselves from the rails. I have tried all sorts of methods of laying them over the years but this random problem follows. Is there a solution to this?:)
This appears to be a problem originating at the point of creation and doesn't only apply to crossings
The best solution I have found is to bump the ground at the crossing up or down until the crossing spline connection points are the height you require for the track
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The grade through the crossing needs to be level for a start. Then you need to use the ground height tool to raise x-ing to the same height as the track. Sometimes it has to be redone even after saving. There is a crossing on TPR website that can be used on a 2% grade.
xing solutions

Thanks for the suggestions. :) It does seem to be a process of wearing the thing down with repeated levellings until it loses interest in wandering down. The mystery remains that some of them are 100% OK from the start and stay so forever.


Some that seem to be better than most are "UMxing" crossings these have no gates or signs, but are good for unprotected crossing, just add signs or lights.