Will Jointed Rail make anymore steam locomotives?

It's just a question as RRMods used to have a FEF-3 Pack and a Challenger Pack.

I have all four steam locomotives Jointed Rail has right now, the two freeware (SP GS-4 and Reading Camelback) and the two payware (SP SP-1 and SP SP-2).

I just think that many people have both these packs who managed to get them while they are out, but they can't be forgotten about and left in the shadows.
This is its tender:

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Sweet, H9 right? Not incredibly familiar with WM steam, buy the subject is very interesting and I'm learning more and more. Looking forward to more of this

Yep, H9. Debating what I'll do after that, might hop on another project before doing the ones with the Worthington feedwater heater.

(No requests needed, that project is already chosen)