Whistles and safety valves


it makes me laugh that to get my loco's whistling non stop as they speed through a station,i still have to put no end of triggers on the line,i have extended hornz,hornz trigger and the maximum amount of time i can get is about four seconds,i've jiggled the numbers every which way you can but still i get max four seconds,yet the blasted safety valves blow off for the whole journey of about an hour and a half,if this was the case with the real thing we would never have gotton anywhere because the locos would have run out of steam!I have tried many times to ajust the safety valves in config file but no matter how many zero's i put in it makes no difference,i think the longest i heard safetys blowing off at full belt was about 90 seconds and then they gradually stopped.awe well moans and groans over.