"What's Noel B. been up to?"


Hi everyone,

I hope this is ok to post here,. Moderators if not please advise where I should post this.

I flew 'home' to Oz Wed 16th Jan 2008, after an absense of 20 years; living in Tauranga NZ.
Now settling nicely in Toormina, Coffs Harbour NSW where my daughter & family live.
My youngest daughter & family live in Ballina (when not in Cambodia), & my son Steve & family
& eldest brother live on the Central Coast, so Coffs is 'right' for me.
Still waiting on delivery of my NZ stuff; about 2 weeks it should be here.
And that is where my PC is!. :)

Really looking forward to some intense downloading & forum catching-up etc.
So if you thought I'd faded away, not just yet. :wave:

So a big "G'day!" to everyone, I'm 'nearly' back!.

Thanks AJ

Apparently I haven't waffled enough!.

Just tried saying "Thanks AJ" & received message that my post was too short!.
"You'll never tie a horse to that p**dly thingy there, mate!"
"Yer need a bigger post then that!"


Greetings Mr moderator beknown as AJ the great.
(Noel counts the characters....12345...41!....Hmmm need another character. Oh no I don't! . I'm here :hehe: ) sigh (alias 'lol')
Welcome back Noel and more importantly welcome to the neighbourhood, will be great to have another trainzer to talk with and even better i can do it face to face instead of face to monitor via internet monitor to face.


Hi Noel, I thought you might have gone "walkabout" not seeing you for some time here :wave:

Hahaha, did you suddenly realize, Oz is where the home is, too many sheep in Kiwiland perhaps? You made a move and so did I, after about 11 years in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, I too made a move in January to Orroroo SA, where I now live on a farm. You should see my back yard, as far as the eye can see :)


One of the empty new water tanks you see in one of the pictures on its side took off in the last storm we had 3 weeks ago and rolled uphill for about 2km where it jumped 2 fences. Lucky it came to rest on its base and stopped rolling from where we got it back after the storm settled.

There are usually Kangaroos munching our front lawn, the only green piece of grass for miles around. At least we do not need a lawn mower. We only have bore and rain water here but the bore water is so good, in one of our bore water tanks I have about 40 gold fish swimming :eek:

I do enjoy life as a "country squire" :hehe:

*Edit: I forgot to mention, one of our side boundary of some 2-3 kms is the now defunct Peterborough to Hawker/Quorn railway, which I cross every time I go to town.

Good to see you back Noel :wave:


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Greetings Sire Herbert; VinnyBarb the Great (Esq),

Are you assisting the Rolling Stones with their forthcoming 2008 album, perchance?.
They could do with a decent drum roll (alias tank-escape). :p

And here I was looking forward to meeting you in The Alice,
when someone buys me the right ticket in the lottery ...or just gives me heaps... of $$ that is.
In the past from time to time I've been given heaps, but not $$. :eek:

Great to hear from you. Looks like you certainly have had a major change of 'outlook' there.
So you've bought the place?. What will/are you going to do there?. I vaguely recall the name,
but not having my stuff yet, can't grab an atlas & have a look. But I will once I'm up & running.

Send me a private email/message if you like, with the address & I'll have a squiz (look-see) on Google Earth.
I'll reciprocate.

Thanks Herbert for the nice welcome 'home'.
Why 20 years in NZ?. I remarried 1982 in Darwin, & my (ex) wife's family are in Auckland NZ.
I could have come home earlier (2001), but had no job so $$ was scarce.

Eventually I had to move out from the place I'd been staying the last 7 years,
so I 'bit the bullet' & made the move to Coffs Harbour 'anyway'.

Tremendous help from family & friends made this possible, in spite of CentreLink
not processing me nor paying me for nearly seven weeks. And all the other costs involved in relocating.
But things are moving along nicely now. Just need some part-time work to pay for
broadband & biscuits.

Farewell, Oh Noble one of the Highest Plains
(must check out that location...I might be a bit wrong here).
How far from Peter_Par [Narrowgauge] (Adelaide Trainzer) are you??.

Hi Noel,

I have known of your "position" since your move, but it is still good to see you posting again. I hope you have now settled in a bit better then when we last emailed each other.

Only 2 weeks to go to get your "things" from NZ, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care,

Hi Noel,


Only 2 weeks to go to get your "things" from NZ, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care,


Hi Craig,

Hope your high & dry down there. It's been drizzling here the last three days or more.
Stopped at present 'though.The birds sound happy.

Another nice 'coming home' experience; birdsong of the Australiana specieses. :hehe:

Presently twiddling my thumbs fingers (wringing in anticipation, actually) & toes.
I'd better stop the toes-bit though. In the immortal words of 'The Dog' (Footrot Flats fame)
I don't want a case of the dreaded Mixamytoesies!.
A terrible fate that almost befell our hapless hero, whilst stalking that evil monster of the deep; Monster Rabbit!.
okok. I'll stop rabbiting on now.
Hi Ishie,

Thanks for the welcome back.
It's a bit of a slow process at the moment.
Once I get my PC & get things organized I have 4 month's catching up to do.
Welcome back!

Getting a new computer set up is tough. That is when you own Trainz and have a lot of content.:hehe: :p

Again welcome back!:wave:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the welcome back.

Do you have a new PC, or did you think I'm getting a new one?.

I packed mine up 9th January & it's still on it's way here!.
If it wasn't for the kind generosity of a Trainz friend, I'd have starved from PC deprivation within days!.
I'm replying on a 'loan' machine at present. :)

My machine is three years old at least, & has heaps of research etc stuff going back 11-12 years or more.
Nearly 70Gb on an *0Gb drive, plus an equally-filled 160Gb drive. I just hope & pray it still goes!.