What's happened to Trainz?


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I started off with TRS2004, and in time a became more knowledgeble, and very happy with it. I even got to be able to use the DLS with no real problems.

Now I have TRS2006, and things are not going well! I seem to be unable to get to grips with CMP despite the helpful advice given by members of this forum.

In disgust, I returned to TRS2004, where at least, I thought, I know what I am doing!

I then tried to download something from the DLS, but to my horror, it brought up the dreaded CMP screen.

I thought that CMP was an exclusively TRS2006 thing, but apparently, I was wrong.

Now, in spite of the First Class Ticket which came with my purchase of TRS2006, I can't download anything for either of the programs!

Everything is changing! Even the Forums seem to be shrinking!

I'm getting on a bit, but I'm not completely ga-ga yet! With regard to the CMP, if I am to continue with Trainz, I need someone patient enough to spell out the procedure for downloading using the CMP in words of one syllable (figuratively speaking!).

I can patiently guide you through if you give more of an idea of what exactly you need help with. But to start here is a quick guide that I can elaborate on if needs be.

Load CMP from the 06 launcher, presuming you have gone into the settings ('File' > 'Settings') and added your username, password et al, CMP should connect you to the DLS. Is it doing this or is it claiming to be unable to? If so try re-entering your username and password and try to connect a few times.

Now you need to find the content you want to download. In order to do this you need to either enter some criteria for a search in the search thing on the left of the program, or you can browse a list of the whole DLS by going to the 'Download Station' tab in the main area of the program.

When you find what you want simply click on the item and drag it to the download helper area on the left. CMP will then take a little while to work out how big the file is and whether the selected item has any dependencies and if it does it will go about locating them and adding them to your download list. When CMP shows a file size next to the item name e.g. 256kb etc press 'Start' and the item will be downloaded.

The other option is to browse the DLS through a browser and download items using by clicking 'Download (Helper)'. This will result in the items coming up in the download helper bit of CMP. Once again you will need to tell CMP to 'Start'

Is that of any use? Of course this will only download things into 06, the issue of downloading to 04 when both are installed on a computer is covered elsewhere.

I rarely use CMP to browse and download content, using ContentDispatcher as Mike mentioned above or Tafweb's 'cdpset' for CDPs, I seldom have problems.
Thanks for the replies.

I think that part of the problem may be that I have recently re-installed TRS2006 (including the SP), and both versions, '04, and '06, are now residing on the same drive. TRS 2006 has been acting very strangely in other ways since I re-installed it.

I think it would be best if I uninstalled, and then re-installed on a different drive to '04. What is your opinion about that?

Then, Andy, I'll work through your instructions and see what happens.

Thanks again,

It should be perfectly ok to have both versions on the same drive (or on different drives) provided there's enough hard disk space of course. You just need to do the tweaks mentioned earlier to switch downloads to the preferred version on each occasion.

Thanks to everyone for their help.
At the moment, TRS2006 is not installed, while TRS2004 has been re-installed, and once again, I can download with no problem.

When I re-install TRS2006, I will follow the advice that you have given me.