What Train Engines do you usally see in your town/city?


Southern Serves the South
What Railroad and What Locomotive Engine do you usally see?Where I live, It's usually Norfolk Southern Dash#9 CW-440,and NS Sd40 and SD40-2.
CSX SD40's, or GP38-2's, when I'm in the US, and the Acela Express. Is anyone familiar with the yard next to Circuit City in North Haven?
Hmm... mostly I see 101's, 143's and 425's, 218's 110's, and 628's with passenger trains and 152's, 185's, 189's 151's, 140's and class 66's with freight trains.

Union pacific, Norfolk southern, PPLX, SD40'S. an soo loco (C7 I think) A lot of GP30'S. mostly norfolk southern and Conrail
I see 170s, 158s, 156s, 153s and 150s and the odd gravel train (can't remember the loco type pulling it though)
Twin Cities & Western Railroad GP20C's and GP30C's as well as the railroads' CF7. Until recently, Union Pacific also had a line in town that saw mostly GP38-2's.
i see anything from sd40-2's to dash 9's every day. along with the occasional sw1500 or a gp-38 with a yard slug......:D

mostly CSX, NS, UP along with some leased names
Metra F40PHs (Ex-C&NW Line), and the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern has a local that runs through my backyard that's usually pulled by an EMD GP38-2. Periodically, I'll see some GEs on the Union Pacific, and there's periodically an ex-Southern Pacific or ex-Chicago and Northwestern patch unit on it.
NS, CSX, Amtrak. One time i got lucky and saw 4 UP Dash9 with a mixed manifest train.
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UP SD9043MAC leasers down here on the Crowsnest Sub. They've begun to dominate the area, unfortunatley. Besides the leaser power, I see AC4400s and ES44ACs. SD40-2s are very rare around here.
boston lincolnshire
class 153 passenger
class 158 passenger
class 170 passenger
class 156 passenger
class 150 passenger
lincoln lincolnshire
class 66 freight
class 60 freight
class 141 passenger
class 153 passenger
class 158 pasenger
class 170 passenger
class 43 passenger
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