What is "off topic" for suggestion boxcar?


Recently placed two threads in Suggestion Boxcar forum, both were apparently considered unsuitable by the moderators for some reason.
Thread1: That CMP include a route editing capability similar to Trainz Objectz.
Thread2: That future releases of TRS could be International editions in all countries, with add-on additional content for USA, France, UK, Spain, etc. That these add-ons would be available for all to buy in any country.
Not sure how either of these threads is "off topic".
Hello willblunden

There are a variety of reasons why a few suggestions are not approved, the most common one being that the suggestion has already been made by another Trainzer. Some suggestions are off topic while others relate to previous versions of Trainz that have been released. The heading of the Suggestion Forum states and I quote:

"Your ideas, comments and suggestions for the next version of Trainz. This page is moderated and off topic posts will be rejected."

So really it's nothing personal towards you at all. Yours aren't the only suggestions that are not approved, but please keep making suggestions as that's how a product is improved.