Well, well, well. Wot's goin' on 'ere then?


Sphenodon Punctatus
I was absolutely determined to get the bogies in the new QR well wagons to protrude through the bodywork on ridiculously tight curves...

This is my one board "test track" used for new items of rolling stock. I used one of the new C38s with a number of well wagons with an assortment of loads. Because the original track wasn't "tight" enough I added two completely impossible reversing loops.

The first QR goes round the tightest part of the curve. You can just see the tyre and flange of the wheel nearest the camera sticking through.

Not a lot to see.

The next QR doesn't do any better.

Truth is it needs to be even tighter than this.

I declare that the myth that QR wagons cannot take sharp corners is well and truly busted! :hehe:

Sorry VicTrainz but I gave it my best shot.


I think you'll find that is because they are standard gauge wheels... :p

The broad gauge ones would be closer, but I think I works it out to be about 18deg turn to get them to stick though :p

Good job though, nice to see people having fun with them :) Oh, BTW, they are QB not QR :p

A QR is a wooden open wagon (I may get around to doing a new one :p ).
Oh, BTW, they are QB not QR :p

A QR is a wooden open wagon

You're absolutely right Zec. That's what comes of typing with insufficient coffee to drive the finger muscles... :hehe:

Your old QRs are rather nice little wagons. All you really need to do is make them loadable.


They weren't mine, but Pete C's. I'm going to make a new set with new (correct) bogies, and at the same time backdate the QB to the 1920s :D
Yay, I did it!!

Firstly I had to severely tighten the curve...

And going back in time a little...

And jus' look at those wacky couplings!

I'm so sorry Zec, but your wagons are too restrictive for my layout. I can't allow them on it; it's too unsafe... :hehe::hehe::hehe:

Of course for my normal layouts they're just fine...