Well I reckon I might be gone for a bit


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As the smoke clears sparks everywhere and naked power cords exposed from a smashed console .."Crud!" dreddman remarked Damage control screeched over the speakers "That last Klingon torpedo smashed the bridge sheilds and the main PC is Down!!" "Back up PC is only at 75%" ...
"We are starting to spiral into the atmosphere! .. The engines are stalled!"
.........................................Well its not that bad :hehe:
But my main PC (Gmax/Trainz/EVERYTHING!!!) has had a severe meltdown :eek: ......Its not a HDD failure so everything is safe I think (hope) and I have partitions and nothing but windows lives on C drive.
But she's out of Order in a big way I went to turn it on this morning and got the dreaded long beep.......beep.........beep..............beep
oo'O! I reseated the ram and video card and got a single BEEP! start only to freeze at the Intel splash screen (it was a P4 3.2 Intel Asus MB 2 gig ddr ram 512 pci express video and onboard sound network) it always had a bad bearing on the cpu fan I would sometimes have to shutdown and twist the fan to sorta get the bearing in the right place to shut it up my guess its the MB or the chip can salvage the other bits ...and the PC I'm on now is my old one a AMD 2gig with a gig of ram (now girlfriends) its dropped its Raid controlers hence no sound so needs a windows reinstall
(Dont you just love it when you get PC problims all the info you keep on em and all that reinstalling setting up transfering ect)
Followed by GMAX all those models
I have a tech friend comming over on saturday he will have a look n give me a honest oppinion $$$ "He realy wants a drive of my PT Cruiser lol"
Worse part about the PT is I just bought it and another car for the dogs and I'm broke :'( .......it will take me a bit to Beg Borrow or Steal the necessary $$$ ...........
So there wont be much from me for a while Too busy with damage control around here (Red flashing lights).......
I hate it when things break dreddman signing out
"PpppZzzzzSsssssssssssTTTTTTTTTtttttttt!".....screen goes static and recedes back to a small glowing dot........................................................................
Is it possibly that only you can make a computer crash and all his work lost funny:eek: .

Good luck getting your stuff back i hope it all works out good.:)

Good luck! And keep up the positive attitude! I'm sure your data will be o kay! We'll keep our fingers crossed! ^^


Gisa ^^
dreddman transport to the Klingon ship now

Sounds similar to a problem I had about a month ago the CMOS1 jumper on the mobo was off it's posts put it back in place & she started up straight way.

Hope you get it back up & don't loose anything.

Don't you just hate it when things like that happen. The motherboard on my wife's computer died about 4 days ago and she's frantic to get it going again. A Dell technician was here yesterday and replaced the motherboard, but after he left, she discovered that the communications card wasn't working. She's getting frantic now.

Best of luck to you and hope you haven't lost anything.
You'lll just have to put your trust in this kind community. We here are all friends and would like to help you through this. I, as a well established forum member now, have seen this happen before, and others have survived. So you shall too.

Hope the damage isn't to bad Dred. I got a strong smell of smoked electronics out of my computer last Sunday. (smelt that many times in the past:() It has me concerned but everything seams to still be working fine. Keep the fingers crossed that the important data hasn't been lost .

No, It can't be dreaddman! It can't be him!!! Here have my computer ! ! ! :hehe:

Good luck on your computer problem - They are never a good sign (Or are they O_O)
Transmiting from the lifeboat

I'm sure the data will be fine its not a HDD problem I have back up files on this PC a few months old though oooh many months old :eek:
Dont matter she be right ....;)
Just going to be a pain putting Humpty Dumpty back togeather I will post updates about any progress but I suddenly feel a strong urge to get a new PC
Engines Restarted ataining stable orbit!!!

Whoa!! kiddies she's up n running still funny problems running on 2 sticks of ram 1 gig not sure if others had it yet but thanks to Ghostryder its up n going all systems are now online untill tomorrow morning Lol seems to fail now after reading the onboard network card fails at the mac addr line? sometimes might be bad network on the motherboard dunno as yet :D
reckon this is about the 5th or 6th post reporting someones comp going up in smoke (literally..sorry dredd couldnt resist lol) who was working with 3d modelling.. obviously unrelated (or is it ..cue X files music) but still my sympathies go out to all who have had a comp meltdown.

of course its the old rule..the bigger, the faster, the hotter, the more likely to go down in flames.

im glad I only run an old Athlon 1.2 gig it dosent get enough steam up to crash seriously.

anyhow hope you get things rebuilt soon dreddman, and to anyone else who has had a breakdown of technical proportions.:hehe: