W O W.... NOT world of world craft!!


NorthWest Ohio Trainz2010
Well, making my annual 1 month and a halve visit, Dls still inst working (big surprise) we'll see ya in 45 days!
Warcraft is fun, Hope you get Download Station fixed butter. It works fine for me.. Might be your firewall.

Edit: I"M NOT BACK.. I'm just here to look at SS's and check up on some friends.
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DLS works fine here so there s probably something you can do to fix it if you really want to.... of course with the attitude in your post that probably doesn't interest you.

BTW if it was an annual visit it would be once a year not once every month and a half.... so its either an annual visit or just your regular every one and a half months.

Its That Time Again!

:hehe: I got It Working, It was a Humanoid Error, Stupid Humans:cool: AnyHow, Time for my newest Crisis :p