Voodoo Railway


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I just have two shots here, but as I get more, I'll post them. the route is about 1/5 finished, with the canal in place, and the terminal end of the route (end of the line) fully detailed. These two pics come from that area.

Ex SP/SF Koda number 2814 (payware from rrmods.com) running long hood forward. She's passing the old streetcar barn, long since abandoned. The beam car is actually destined for an earlier company, but the facing point switch makes it hard to get to.


The last car passes the Horseshoe Bar, as the cops try to figure out just how to clean the mess up.

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Nice shots magicmaker!:cool: :D

Looks like a good looking route to me.
Nice mess too. You make it look so real.:hehe: :p

That's what I'm trying to do. To be honest I'm going somewhat crazy with this. I'm making the route very messy, very rusted, and VERY much in need of new track, stock and a number of other things.

Dredd, that truck and trailer are on the DLS. I think the truck is called "black" tractor, and the trailer is just a simple flat. Gimme a bit and i'll find the kuids for you.
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Oh, before I forget (couldn't edit the other post) I know this may sound a bit stupid, but anyone mind telling me when they think this route takes place? I kinda didn't set a time, so it's up to you. I'm trying to steer clear of giving anything specific, but I guess what I'm saying is: What time period do you think it is?

The KUID for the truck is 240390:20031. The trailer is 96917:11037.
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Looks like 1900-Present.
Around 1950's-1960's when the first deisel locos came out. Thats a good date period I would say.

I Love messy old rusty overgrown grassy Thrashy lookin Routes!:p

Great shots!

Looks around the 60s-70s era...

I like, I like

Very nice job so far. I bet most members have no idea how long it takes to do a highly detailed route.:eek: The run down industrial atmophere is captured nicely in those shots. Living in the rust belt my guess would be the 80s where the whole rust belt really started to decay.

I'll be watching for progress on this route.:udrool: :mop:
You may not believe this, but the route is only 5 baseboards long. So far. I may upload the switching portion pretty soon, and as some have been suggesting, expanding it into a larger freelanced route. I've more pics for you too. Next post.
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It's a hot summer day, and the loco they give us doesn't even have AC! Typical. Route run on a shoestring budget, you'd think they could afford AC.


And another thing, why did they abandon that old carbarn? You'd think we could have used it to tie up the switchers, but oh no! No, we'll have to pick a siding and leave the loco there. Not in a nice carbarn...


Oops. I think we caused an accident...That driver doesn't look happy, but then again it makes sense. Those oranges aren't cheap.


Passing Casy Manufacturing. Never figured out what they make there, but it seems to do a good bit of business. Man that's a nice looking boxcar. How did we get it as a storage building anyway?


Stopping beside Dredd Metals while the crew throw the switch. I think they make aluminum products, though I could be wrong here. Always getting in loads of aluminum ingots and sending out rolls. I heard they make beer cans and send them to Australia... Always seem to do a good business though. One of the major shippers. The track used to continue on further from here, but now it's overgrown. We jokingly call it the one track yard.


Come on guys, throw the switch. Yeah, I know it's Saturday and you don't want to be here, but we can't have a nice boss like the metals guys. We don't get Saturdays off.


Tight clearance here picking up the boxcars from the dock. Gotta take it slow or we'll be buying ANOTHER car.


Pulling a gondola loaded of aluminum rolls out of Dredd Metals.


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Very nice. By looking at the type of cars you used I'd say this layout is 80s early 90s. What version of trainz will this be for?