Video: Freight Train Boogie


The Chicago CTA guy

Edit: Route Info that I just posted on the TER forums

When finished, the Timber Ridge Line should be about 10 Miles long, with 3 Small Mining and Lumber Towns spread around, most of the route will be in the mountains, but there ill be parts on the Plains, much like the area around Alamosa, Colorado, I will build a Cattle ranch in this area, But this route is a long way from done

at first, this route measured over 30 miles of Main Line Narrow Gauge track,however due to a computer problem, i lost the original route, and John hasennt told me if he was able to recover it or not, the Config file got corrupted, and I had neglected to make a backup
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Nice route ! i'm starting to enjoy the vast differences between the narrow guages, and its made me start a narrow guage route !
i like the "whoo whoo" section of the video, where the singer say "whoo whoo" and you do the same with the horn

Nice route, will download !

oh, only if i could get prowlers K-27's working, and hopefully, this one route works for me...:p
unfortunately, most other NG ones say they will not load in TRS:eek:
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