Vale Crevo, a new scenario


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thanks, joão
Its difficult to make a judgement of these pics, as most of the route looks unfinished. However, I have to say that those textures are truly awful. They need to blend in with each other and not look like grannys old gaudy curtains. Sorry to be blunt, I am just offering my honest opinion. The landscaping and terrain on the other hand looks convincing, if a tad unrealistic in places (a real railway surveyor would have not created such huge cuttings: either go around or use a tunnel as you have in other places) so don't let it down with sloppy texturing.

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Thanks for your truly words.
This scenario does not want to be a realistic one. It is a fictional and I'm trying tp develop my texturing skills (I don´t like to do it) and it is under way.
Is it possible to explain the meaning of:
"to blend in with each other",
"if a tad unrealistic in places"
"huge cuttings" (and tell me in wich shot you saw those cuttings".

You can see more new images at the blog
Hello joao. What I meant by 'blend in with each other' is that you rotate the textures as you spray them so you don't get lines all going the same way. Also, add touches of rock textures here and there just as a highlight, rather than painting it everywhere you see sheer rock faces.

The 'huge cuttings' I was talking about refer to this picture:

I think a real surveyor would have used a tunnel. Not only is this cutting a blot on the landscape, but also there would be a very real danger of rockfalls onto trains. Plus, gouging such a huge gash in the countryside would have probably cost more than boring a tunnel. Perhaps you think it is ludicrous going into such detail in what is after all a computer program, but even in fictitious routes, getting things right adds to the level of realism, and therefore your enjoyment of Trainz.

The route is coming along nicely. Keep up the good work Joao, and don't be disheartened by my comments.

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hum, ok.
i liked your messege because it iwas a constructiv one and with some ideas of to do things.
ths image you showed now is a part of the scenario that i like less.
i need to to do some modifications and probably i'll put a tunnel inthis area. but also this portion is made after a real line in portugal e and spain too.
ir you want to see some real images you can look for beira baixa and e atapuerca ( and you can the angles along the track.
thanks, joão