"Unknown Requirement" for industries in official routes


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Did some searching but nothing relevant came up.

Can someone shed some light on why I'm seeing this for numerous industries in several of the official payware routes?


I checked the routes in the CM and they appear to have all of their dependencies.
Possibly an unknown product that is associated with the Quinnimont Sanding track industrial asset.
Would be an idea if you could open up the asset (using AssetX) and check out what products are in the configuration list.
Maybe the missing product (unknown requirement) is not listed in the KUID table, or not even loaded into content manager.
Yea everything looks fine in the CM. Looks like it might be a LARS or ProtoLARS thing? Do the built in routes require those?
So it appears the industries have something to do with ProtoLARS. I have zero idea how to fix it.. no idea what it's even missing and the CM says the content is already installed.

It appears these are the industries causing the problems:

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Still trying to hunt down these problems... looks like one of the items used is "TPR Engine Track Pack".. which is a LARS addon for Trainz 2004. Am I seriously to believe that this route has non-working, 3rd party assets that go back that far?
Still HAVE NOT solved this problem.

Here's some more details (this is on the C&O Hinton route)

In surveyor:


Waybill in game


Industry in game


Asset in CMP


This is with the latest version on T:ANE, brand new install.