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My comuter froze up this morning then after a while it went into sleep mode then I tried to get back into trainz (2006) and then it wouldn't go. I tried and tried, finally decided to uninstall then reinstall. I knew I would loose everything (including a new sesion I had been working on for about a week) but the game wouldn't go so I had to do it. Anyway, now I can't get ANY of my old things back that I really ejoyed having, 50' BN log cars, a few covered hoppers, coal hoppers, and most of all a few SD70MACs I purchased from World of Trainz!!!! Can anyone tell me why I can't get these items back? (I redownloaded the MACs but now they have missing dependencies.) Can anyone tell me why I can't get my old items back?
P.S. I AM DESPERATE!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Sorry about your mishap.
We all have gone through this and you will get up to speed and figure it out with the help of the forum. We have lot's of people on here that will give you all the information you need. And tips on getting your assets back. I would send an E-mail to World of Trains and they will help you get your Engines back. These are great guys running that website.

When you get the files back save a copy of them in a folder on your desktop and then if you loose them again you can upload them from the desktop. There is a folder in the trainz set of folders that you have to save to keep all of your custom content. Look in the manual to find it or maybe someone on here will tell you which one it is. I'll try to find it and let you know.I think it's the Trains asset TDX. folder

Hope this is some help to you Nate.
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Your content (downloaded or created by you) is in the TRS2006/local folder. The TRS2006/assets.tdx is the index of your content and is used by CMP. Save/move the local folder and the assets.tdx file before any re-install then move them back.

Also go to Trainzheaven and get TAD Monitor it automatically backs up your assets.tdx file and is a lifesaver to avoid long database rebuilds.