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Does anybody know what colour(s) the Wagon Sheets were for the LNER, LMS, SR and BR please?

Based on Johnny211's open wagon, I'm assuming that the GWR was green.

Chris - LCH
Hiya Chris
the ones i have information on were all grey with lettering for the respective companies in white.
if someone has some pics of wagon type shoc-hood they used a similar sheet but was attached to the wagon with a bar which was raised when the wagon was in use giving the wagon a look like a tent.

As a matter of interest at one time all LMS sheets were sent for repair and new ones created at a location called "sheet stores" right next to the Derby London mainline and most of the buildings are still in existence today (including some narrow guage track encased in the floor of one of the buildings which was demolished).

this link might help ?
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No problem Chris i was born 1/2 mile from Sheet stores junction and my dad and myself have 68 years railway service between us !!
sorry for late reply but i have been away staying near the Somerset and Dorset railway