UK Screenshots for Pre BR Blue. High resolution warning.

Chatting to the footplate crew before it's time to leave.

Looking good @lewisner, though the signs may need a change. I don't think they had contactless in the 40s!

Some from me of 4MT 75072 at the head of a goods train to Bath.

Passing through Chilcompton station. This is from across the valley and shows the cattle creep incorporated underneath the platforms which prevented the down platform from ever being extended:


Approaching Radstock:


Held at Midford for a down passenger to pass. This can be unfortunate with heavy trains as all northbound trains have an immediate gradient of 1:50 beyond the platform and 1:100 through the 1,672m Combe Down tunnel. Thankfully, 75072 is more than capable of this train which weighs around 230 tons:


I need to stop driving trains and posting grey screenshots now and crack on with the scenery.


Point well noted @PortLineParker , I'll have to stick a poster over it ! Incidentally I walked the course of the "Titfield Thunderbolt" in 1998 so I recognised the location straight away.

Slightly less attractive was Ferryhill station, seen here with 60049 Galtee More slowing down to stop with a northbound train. TRS2019 kindly vaporised 1 hours work this afternoon including all the lamps I had under the canopies. Please ignore the Truro signs.

Galtee More at Ferryhill 11.7.24 by A1 Northeastern, on Flickr