Tumbleweeds 1, loaded BNSF coal train 0


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Hi folks,
I and a few thousand other rail fans received this today. If you are not one of them, here you are. There were pictures but I am too lazy to provide them.:eek:
On Monday morning, if someone would have told me that tumbleweeds could Stop A coal train, I would have said " your full of (BLEEP), no way". That was until yesterday Morning, 12 miles west of Hardin, we were pulling up Rowley hill, going 15 Mph & the wind was blowing about 50 mph & we ran into thousand's of Tumbleweeds come to a dead stop in about 5 car length's, they blew under Our Drivers & we lost all our traction & were dead in the water. We had 3 Engines & got 2 more engines off another train & Still couldn't move. We were stuck there for 5hrs & 35 min. & finally Had to Back down the hill & let another crew take over because we ran out of Time To work, crazy huh?......Stacy
Plants 1, train 0

Absolutely, 100% beleif here. Plants can be ground into a verry slick paste. A freind of mine has a audio tape he made of a trip in B&ML #1149. He was engineer and encountered some wet leaves on the tracks, they spun out halfway up a grade. The tape has some butiful stack noise but the crews comentary leaves something to be desired as it gets profane (mostly the fireman) at points. They ended up backing down sanding and then taking another run at the hill. You can hear when the get to the unsanded track.
I can believe this. We've had 'leaves on the line' and 'the wrong kind of snow' stopping our trains dead here in the UK! :hehe: