[TRS 22] - Mexico - Ferrocarril de Altas Montañas (FdAM)


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Hello and welcome to Mexico!
This is my free interpretation of one of the most challenging lines in Mexico, the Ferrosur Distrito Acultzingo - also known as the Linea S/C. The scenery and most cities are fictional, although the track layout in Veracruz and Orizaba are semi - correct at times. The line is approximately 60 kilometers long (37,5 miles) and stretches from the port of Veracruz and its steel mill through the rainforest and 27 tunnels up to a high plateau near (fictional) Orizaba and the border to a yet unnamed country. The line has a ruling grade of 2,7% and sees heavy freight traffic, with trains up to 1400m long. Main cargo are iron ore and coal for the mill and the export of products like grain, oil, chemicals, automotive and of course intermodal units. The FdAM uses a large mix of usually older equipment phased out by the large US railroads. Commonly used are older U and -7 GE units, as well as SD40s and 45s. Some AC44CW have been aquired from FXE, and the newest engine in the fleet is a GE AC44i.







Based on: Distrito Acultzingo - Linea SC

Linea S is the Ferrocarril del Sureste Mainline from Mexico City to the Port of Veracruz. The original Line featured the Distrito Maltrata, a 4,7% grade, climbing more than 4000ft in under 30 miles between Jesus de Nazareno, Puebla and Orizaba, Veracruz. In the 1980s, a new alignment, called the Distrito Acultzingo (Linea S/C) was built, reducing the grades to a more manageable 2,5 - 2,7%. This new line features 32 tunnels, curves up to 4180 degrees with multiple levels and horseshoes and a large Viaduct called Puente Vaqueria. The line itself is dark territory, but with signals indicating the siding switch positions. Speeds range from 22mph in the hills up to about 55mph on open terrain. Although Linea SC is a huge improvement over the original line, it still poses an operational challenge for the many Intermodal, Grain and Auto Trains traversing it every day. Additional problems are created by the many migrants using the trains to get to the US border (La Bestia / El Tren de la Muerte) and frequent robberies and caused derailments by criminals and the Los Zetas cartel operating in the are

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Wow, that is amazing, keep up the fantastic work, even I could not master terrain as you can!
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Just wanted to update this real quick here, its not dead yet. Tunnels are done as of right now, but i broke a finger on my right so bad, they had to cut open the hand to piece together and stabilize the bones. I wont be able to continue with this (or anything on my pc) for a lot of weeks and possibly months.


Doggone, that is a wicked break. I hope things heal quickly and well. It's going to drive you crazy not being able to use the computer.

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Sorry to hear about Broken Finger, prayers from house of Blue to you, hoping for good recovery......:)

Your Route is very interesting, thank you for the excellent Documentation.......:wave:
Hey guys, thanks a lot for the nice words and hope! :) It'll be at least until the end of August before i get my right hand back, and in 11 weeks is a second surgery on it. Summer's pretty much over for me this year ��
Not dead, still beeing worked on. I'm okay again now....

Also its using signals now - yes, fictional, but eh...




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