Trainz Railway Simulater 2004 won't start


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Hi Everyone
My TRS2004 won't start so heres the story
I stick the disc in the drive then the startup comes up and I click run then I click launch trainz then the picture of the clock thing comes up then the screen blinks and nothin happens
Can someine help me:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :( :( :(
Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Auran Trainz forum.

Please, tell us about the TRS2004 version? The British Just Trains version?

Alberte :wave:
It could be the inability of your computer software to display the intro video. To test, open your TRS2004\trainzoptions.txt file for edit with notepad and enter the line
then close and save.
This will bypass the video but cause no other effect.