Trainz Mac App Store no Serial-Number

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Hello to all.

Maybe someone can help you from?

I bought the Trainz Simulator for Mac (build 50 281, German Version) from the AppStore.
Download and install worked, the game runs very well.

Yesterday I've registered with Planet Auran.

Of course I wanted to register the Game there as well with my version of Trainz Serial Number, but suffer nowhere can I find the serial number (not yet in-game, mail from the AppStore).

I choose on the registration page:
Serial Number: ?
Product: "Trainz Simulator Mac."
Location Purchased: "In Store"

Have you had experiences with, or because you have a tip or a solution for me?

Many thanks and greetings
Hi Trainabbas
The App Store edition of Trainz Simulator Mac does not include, nor require, a serial number.

Our system will automatically pick up on your TS:Mac from the app store after you enter your Planet Auran account's login details into Trainz itself, and then run Trainz.
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