Trainz ERROR, My therapist is costing a fortune


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I cannot run TRS2006. The error message I continually get is as follows:

File: .\TrainzLog.cpp
Line: 52
Classs: Trainz Error
Reason: Main Task> Unable to open Interface dialog
Version: Jet vRRRRR.RR Build 1234.5.QQQQQ
No call stack available.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software more than twenty times all to no avail. The only success I have had is to uninstall the software, use Regedit to delete every reference to Auran in the registry (Takes about an hour plus) then reinstall the software. If I do that I get one "Go" at using Content Manager and Surveyor before the problem reoccurs. Occasionally I get an error message which alludes to Net 1.1 not behaving. After running the software once I get a freeze in Content Manager where the Download panel clears as linked but no data in the main window and the 1st Class Ticket never gets Authenticated. Pressing Ctrl Alt Del shows me that Launcher is using 99% of the processor and before anybody asks I left the software in its frozen state for 24 hours just to see if there was some background activity going on.

Before requesting this help I have gone through about a years worth of Forum posts trying all suggested remedies for the problem. I have emailed the problem to Auran but had no reply, not unexpected vis their current state.

I won't add to the width of this post by publishing my computer spec apart from saying its an AMD Athelon 64 2 Gb dramm with an ATI graphics card 500mb of onboard ram loaded throughout with the very latest drivers running XP Pro. The machine also passes the Trainzdiag.exe with flying colours ticking every entry.

Any ideas out there its driving me nuts. Any help would be much appreciated.
Have you run any diagnostics on your system? I would check the integrity of the Windows OS if you're having problems with the Dot-Net installation. Try cleaning out your temporary files folder.

When you installed Trainz and then the Service Pack 1, did you run Trainz first? If you did, then your Trainz will fail. You need to install the original then the SP1 *PRIOR* to running the program.

When you installed both of the above, did you turn off your Antivirus? This can cause weird problems to happen as well.

These are few things I can think of off the top of my head.

Trainz ERROR


Guess I've been lucky, no serious problems with TRS06. I currently run XP Pro and have taken to invoking Trainz while in diagnostic mode. It gives a good clean boot, without thousands of strange programs running in the background, and the program works fine. You might want to try it and see if it bypasses some conflicting TSR that might be causing your problem.

Good luck.

Have you ran the Trainzdiag.exe, it is in the /bin folder, click on the icon and it will show any 'failures' !

Thanks for your help

I've finally traced the fault. The Service Pack I've been using is corrupted. I've downloaded it again and gone through the whole clean up uninstall etc., reinstalled, run the service pack and hey presto it's never run so good.
Thanks again for all you help and advice.