Trainz 2006 "Special Edition"?


Virginian Railfan
I saw an online advertisement recently for Trainz 2006 "Special Edition". Was there a "Special Edition" of TRS 2006 and did it have different content than the regular editions?
Well I just got verification that there WAS a "Special Edition" of TRS 2006. It's called the "Limited Edition".

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 Limited Edition DVD includes:
- TRS 2006 on DVD
- Limited Edition metal case
- 330 page colour manual
- Keyboard shortcut foldout
- Bonus 30 minute train movie
- 6 month first class ticket (download station)

Price is $69.99. WOW!!! must have been a solid gold DVD!!! :eek:
I've got the Trainz "Complete Collections" on order from I already have 2004, but the CD was kinda screwed up. I got the collection for $24.88 including shipping. Can't beat that price. I look forward to 2006 with great anticipation.
Yup i bought the SE of 2006 on release. Was not worth the extra money, for a fancy tin and a paper manual.

Same TRS2006 as the standard version, which is not a problem.

I wonder what people expected for the extra money.....When I received mine, it contained everything they said would be in it, as opposed to what the 5 disk edition would contain. I would think that people would know before they ordered it whether or not it was worth spending the extra money.....I ordered it because I like to collect things and the money spent wasn't an issue with me. I don't expect it to be worth something down the road, but I just like having an edition of TRS06 that most 06 owners don't have....vanity, vanity...:cool:
I have that version myself, I got it second hand for $25 bucks, the 6 month FCT was still there too!

I lucked out!
i brought the trainz collection which has trs 04 and 06 plus utc paintshed and trainz routes 1-4 for $35 au

and its on 3 dvd's

i thought it was great at the time because i only had the original trainz before that:)