Trainz 2006 and Vista


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This is my first post so I apologise if this subject has been covered elsewhere.

I have just purchased Trainz 2006 brand new and boxed. I am quite impressed.

I am running Vista on my home PC with 1 Gb of ram and a Nvidia 8500GT card and I installed the software with no problems. However I have a few queries that perhaps you can help me with?

1. I can run all the scenarios with no problems except that at times the simulator sticks momentarily and once the screen went black and I could not recover.

2. I thought that I had installed the software onto my hard disc? When I remove the DVD I cannot open Trainz??

Does anyone have any ideas what has happened or if I have done something wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Vista by itself eats up tons of memory. 1 gb really isn't enough. I assume you have the Just Trains version which requires the DVD in the drive as copy protection.