Ca Plane Pour Moi
I think trainspotting and taking pictures of trains should be encouraged because it could help to catch vandals also if you spot any faults on the line you could prevent a nasty accident from happening.
Trainspotters have been given a bad name I cant buy a platform ticket to trainspot because I,m a teenager and they think I may vandalise a platform. When I do trainspot I get funny looks and nasty comments. Recently a man got stabbed at my favourite trainspotting station for guess what trainspotting. I think we the trainspotters should set up a campaighn. How many trainspotters do you see wrecking the envoirement around us but football fans are very destructive.
I also think its sad that most trainspotters now rarely travel by train because its to expensive.
what are your views on this matter I would love to hear from you lot and remember dont stop trainspotting.

Yours Klambert

PS for the campaighn I live in Reading UK
I live in Basingstoke, just down the road from you. I don't get any trouble from the staff there, I just ask for a platform ticket and I go up to the end of 2 and 3. I also have no trouble getting onto Reading....