Trains On The Fence?


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I"ve had a bizarre effect happening on my Route over the last couple of days.After doing a bit of work on one section I panned around to check it and found there was a Train -2 Flat Wagons and an 8 Plank sitting on top of a 3 Bar Creosoted Fence which I"ve been replacing most of my fences with! In Mini Map it showed it as a Consist but with no Track.Today I opened up again and found that a DMU had disappeared and a "1 M Spacer" ( which acts a Train) was again sitting on the fence! Has anyone else had this happen , and what causes it? :confused:
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I had this happen but found I had made a track alteration where a consist was placed in a saved session which I can understand. I in fact deleted a siding that a consist was saved on forgetting it was placed there & it landed on the fence & one wagon in a field. If you did not alter the track though & only fences it is odd. John
Hmmm...I searched my route and found two US locos , one on a fence and one impaled by a Telegraph Pole! They were in places where I"d never had any track.I"m just worried that its a foretaste of something going wrong big time.:eek:
What I hate is the default buffalo, I have found them everywhere, even inside bulidings! Lookin under the grid is a good Idea, I will check all this too. I wish there was a way to remove paint to see what is there in real time as grid is like lookin at the world so different that you have to guess what you see on the other side. The grids do not line up with your terrain, yet they control the contour, which also does not line up with terrain set out of right angles. Close detail is impossible to correct without to hide with a strong texture. I like to watch the trains as if I was on them, and then I see all these bad irregularities. Cacat -:eek: (Romanian cuss word)
This is an old problem I have seen over the years. I hope you can delete the train over the fence. In fact it could be over any spline, including overhead wires. In some instances you will have to delete the splines, do a "delete missing assets" and save. This is what happens when you change tracks in one session (having a train over these tracks on a different session). You may have to delete the splines in the main map and then go to the sessions and check things out. Good luck...
Any chance I could get you to make your posts in Arial 7 point, black, non-italic. Sure would be easier for my old eyes to read it. Thanks.

errr. yeah... you should make sure of what you're editing. I once did two hours work on my test route and then promply ditched it when i realised that the bit I was altering should have a train on it. I was faster for me to ditch the work than to setup all my trains again.

remember guys... when you edit a route in surveyor, edit it from inside the session. editing it without selecting a session just led to trouble.


I"m doing everything in exactly the same way I"ve done it for the 15 months I"ve had TRS2006 and the two years before that when I used TRS2004.The only thing I"ve done in the last couple of days is alter the Configs of some Signals and the altered Signals all work perfectly.Another effect which I hadn"t noticed is that the trains are invisible in Driver- I can see them on the Mini Map but not "for real" !:confused: