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I downloaded some ABT track. I don't know what it is and can't find it in the list in surveyor. What is it? kuid:177548:10004

It should one of the first items in the track tab, did you install and /or commit the track after downloading?
You don't say which version of TRS you are using.
I'm sorry I always forget that. I am using trs2006 with the update. I also thought it should be in the first part but it wasn't. I think I'll try it again. It should be called ABT track in the list shouldn't it? Or does it have another name?

ABT is a rack railway system. It was used in Tasmania but also other parts of the world but being Aussie I only know about Tasmania. If you do not know what a rack railway system it is use to run loco's/trains up steper graduatents than most railways would go. If you do an internet search for rack railways I am sure you will get lots of information.

Paulz Trainz has produced a ABT loco to run with it but it is payware.
Okay I know now. We have the same thing in the usa but it is called cog railway (at least the one I know is) Thanks. I downloaded it again and it now works.