Totally un-possibe screenies

Don't you love starting threads again? here's my first pic on this reconstructed thread. To tell you about it:post a funny pic that should be impossible. Post a commentary if you want. E.g. Here is Adair 'Trainz Trickster 2' Sims, following in Alaistair's footsteps, by a large tower, where his favorite AN GM Class is driving him, and the crowd, up the wall.


:D Dunno how that happened ...... it´s not a trick, it´s a Trainz-Bug

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Heres one from me. What you can see is lots of bogies flying through the air as a result of shunting backwards to far on my American Narrowguage line. Pretty weird. Its even more weird watching the real thing.

Nice screenies everyone.
cheers, Daniel
anybody like my futuristic engine? almost seems like something Dreddman would make hehehehehe
"Dredd!" gritted his teeth and screwed the Lawmasters throttle open.....the rear wheel broke traction for a second and then suddenly the bike lunged forward ..the approach to the jump was bumpy ....but Dredd knew the only way accross was to jump the old trainz wreck ...............:eek: ..................................

thought i'd post another one.....

The Dukes of Hazzard fiannly got tired with thier old 69' dodge Charger, and went with something al little bit bigger, a Refurbed ALCO RS-11.
Then, the Dukes were coped up with some wacky charge, and roscoe went to chase em, heres what our photographer caught.
it was a quick, 1 baseboard rote i made to have some fun, yes, i cheated, i did use invisible track.
Had to dust these off. I had them in the old threed.

Now thats tractive effort.


I said follow the TIRE tracks not the TRAIN tracks.:)

As a Merchant Navy pulls into the station, passengers notice congestion is getting worse in this small village: