Toronto Lakeshore West Not Appearing In TS12 SP1


Dirty Deeds
Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has heard of an old trainzers tip to getting a Route made for Trainz04 to appear in TS12 SP1 ?, I had to fix a couple of things like thumbnail and no region minor things and now it has no warnings or errors but in game nothing appears at all.
I've managed so far to bring this Route into every version of the game i have but TS12 SP1 doe's not want to play ball so far, So if anyone knows a tip on getting this to show i would appreciate it.
Cheers Mick.:)
What does your trainz-build say. If it above 2.7 you will have lots of errors in the dependencies 2nd or third level.

In build 2.9 and above there are lots more fixes required.