To Tony "Bossman" Hilliam

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I know this has nothing to do with your train simulators but seeing as you have not replied on the fury forums in such a long time i fount it suitable to contact you through this forum.

I cam back to fury a few days ago to find that the game is completely messed up as the training bloodbath which is required for people to pass through the tutorial is broken and will not start, while i have been online i have seen at least 70+ new players trying to get past the tutorial but cannot.

Many of these new players have paid for the game and actually want to play the real game instead of just the tutorial.
I'm sure this bug could easily be fixed with a server restart of some kind.

Why have you not even looked at the fury forums in such along time ?
many people have been asking for your assistance to just be ignored

Please do something to allow new players into the game

- Ruh Roh
It would be smart to NOT put the SAME message in three or MORE forums....that's just spamming. Just one message in one part of the forum should be sufficient.
Not open for further replies.