The unloved British DMU


Mr Grumpy
Due to the largish interest shown in classic British DMUs recently I have looked through my old photos, I knew that I did not have many, and the quality is iffy. However here are all my DMU photos. Over to you now.










And an old EMU for WEN!


I am actually a fan of 'heritage' DMU's, shame there isn't a good looking 101 (my favourite type) on the DLS. At the moment I look forward to Rumour3's Cravens unit
I am actually a fan of 'heritage' DMU's, shame there isn't a good looking 101 (my favourite type) on the DLS. At the moment I look forward to Rumour3's Cravens unit

I spent many of my spotting days riding these all over the UK, especially in the North East where a large part of what is now the Tyne Metro was operated by class 101s.

I find the 101 on the DLS more than adeqaute in bringing back a few happy memories.

John, were there a few Birmingham RC&W units there? They were occasional visitors at Cleethorpes when I first started spotting and made a nice change from the ubiquitous Derby built units. They also look very first generation!
BRCW (Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon) units? I think so, and just found another which I think is also one of them. No time to look through my old books as I have to leave for work in 2 minutes!


Sorry about the quality, but we just did not waste film on railcars!

It does look a bit like Kirkgate, but my fuzzy brain suggests Manchester Victoria. But I am not 100% sure!

I have had a look through my old combined volume and it seems as if this is actually a product of the Gloucester RCW which would probably make it a class 143. It also looks like this is one of the units that had a go-faster white stripe!
sorry George, it looks like you already had that site!

However to try to help the wheel is the handbrake, and the train brake is the handle visible to the left through the door. The power controller (throttle) is the handle above the left hand end of the drivers seat, and the gear selector is to the left of the left hand door frame. The panel to the left of the windscreen contained warning lights for the engines.

Many thanks, John- that's exactly what I need to get started. I don't think TRS understands the concept of gears, so the gear selector might just be eye candy, although I presume that the reverser is something to do with this?

The Railcar site has been one of my favo(u)rites since I made the german railbus, but it is certainly worth highlighting for anyone with an interest in first-gen dmus.


(Er, it's Martin btw...;) )
Sorry Martin, now where did I get George from? Unfortunately the information I gave you was from memories when I was a spotty teenager travelling with my nose pressed up against the windows so thoughtfully provided in the cab bulkhead, how we moaned if a driver pulled the blinds down! I can't remember if forwards/reverse was incorporated in the gear selector or was separate like in a loco. At the moment I don't come into contact with any DMUs but if I do I will have a good nosey in the cab for you.

The picture that you quoted reminded me about those scallop backed seats. Nice, but we had some units in the West Riding that had a down-graded first class section behind the cab. First class seats and a first class view. How we hated DMUs back then.:p

No problem! Thanks for your help.

I've been working on my night light cab interior problem, as posted in the UKTrainz forum, and I think I've cracked it. The following are 'proof of concept' so ignore the rough modelling (I'm using the low poly main model mesh at the moment), texturing and the mess of controls (borrowed from my 31 to experiment)- I'm concentrating on the lighting effects at the moment...




Yes It was a bit like an old HST, but we called it The Blue Pullman, the drivers had a special uniform and looked like ice-cream salesmen!

Maybe Rumour3 will put the Blue Pullman on his "to consider" list ?

(pretty please) :eek: Cos I tried G.Max & just couldn`t figure it out at all. :(