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Ok here is the basic idea; A bunch of content creators join together to make a bunch of Chicago-related content. You can still be a member of another group, you can even host your stuff there. This is just a way so we can all pool together and make the best stuff possible. The idea is to have a slightly structured plan as to not get 3 people trying to make 3 different models of Millennium Station but no-one making a Metra Highliner.

This is still in the early development stage; if you are interested in helping please post here as well as voting in the poll. If you are just interested in the project please vote appropriately.

0 = I honestly don't care
1 = Its nice, but not for me
2 = I think its a nice idea,
but I don't want to be involved
with the creation of the items
3 = I think its a BRILLIANT IDEA! I

Basically we are looking for:
3D Modelers

Amtrak(Chicago Area) stock
Metra stock
CTA stock
Area Branchlines (belt, J, etc)
Background Buildings (Cityscapes)
Foreground Buildings (Buildings, objects, and scenery abutting the loop track, etc)
Interactive Buildings (Stations, Warehouses/Industrial Parks, etc)
Landmarks items (Drawbridges, Millennium Park, Sears tower, Grant Park, etc)
Track items (the EL trackage, etc)

Route Builders
Build a Line in Chicago (the Brown Line, Metra Electric, etc)
We also wish to model downtown. We are thinking about splitting it up into easier-to-manage segments.

Routes include:

Serving Chicago Union Station:
- Alton Railway; The METRA Heritage Corridor
- BNSF Railway; METRA' Racetrack
- Milwaukee Dist./ West/ North Line
- Southwest Svcs; Wabash Railway
- North Ctrl Svcs

Serving the OTC(Ogilvie Transportation Centre):
- CNW/UP North
- CNW/UP West
- CNW/UP Northwest

Serving LaSalle Street Station:
- Rock Isl. District

Serving Millenium Station(Formerlly Randolph Street):
- Metra Electric
- Chicago South Shore & Southbend Railway(CSS&SB Rly.)

CTA Elevated Railway:
- Red(Howard to Dan Ryan)
- Orange(Midway to Loop)
- Yellow(Skokie Swift)
- Green(Lake to Englewood & Lake to Jackson Park)
- Blue(O'Hare to Loop)
- Purple(Evanston Shuttle)
- Brown(Ravenswood Shuttle)
- Pink(Douglas to Loop)

*All CTA Trains either TERMINATE or go VIA the LOOP

- Take pictures
- Read books
- Study track plans
- Then report back

Beta Testers*
We won't be needing these for a while. PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE ASKING...

*More info on beta testing will come available as we need it.

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