The Trainz Italia Big Boy


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The Trainz Italia "Big Boy" must be one of the more popular payware locomotives because since uploading the session for for PortSwitchingCo called "BigBoyz" I've had a number of e-mails asking if I can re-do the session using the Trainz Italia version.

I sure can, but because it calls up payware I decided not to host the session on the Download Station.

For the "BigBoyTI" session you will need:

1. The route itself, PortSwitchingCo, see:

2. The original session (to make sure that all the items of rolling stock are present on your PC), see here:

And look for this thumbnail on the Download Station:


3. The Big Boy from Trainz Italia:


4. Finally the session itself, download here: 1a BigBoyTI.cdp

5. (Optional) see here:

As always, feedback is most welcome.

Is The Trainz Italia Big Boy the only UP Big Boy that you can get off of a website? I mean, I know of the Huge Big Boy, which I think is on that site, but I mean of a 4-8-8-4 type?