The QUEBEC CENTRAL RAILWAY, prototypical route of 1969


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The QUEBEC CENTRAL RAILWAY, a division of CANADIAN PACIFIC (I'm building era 1959)

Hi everyone, As you noticed it, I have back dated the route to 1957. This will be my official thread for the route I started in october 2010. The Quebec Central Railway have been the most important regional railway in eastern Canada by the late 1800's to the mid 1900's. The 335 miles long railway was leased in 1924 (approx) to the Canadian Pacific Railway for 999 years. In 1994 it has been offficially closed but earlier than that in reality. A truck company put it back on track from 2000 to 2006 ...than bankrupt. I try to recreate it as it was in or around 1959 (passenger service has stopped in 1967). After 1970 most stations were or destroyed, or sold and moved as the one seen in this screenshot. Many contributors helped me as they created asset for this railway. The 2 major ones are Shortline2 and Bendorsey which I'm very grateful to them and to all others. The help of Gisa with Transdem was not neglectable and the release of CP MLW RS-18 by N8phu was a boost to keep going. Release date ? I would like to release the first part, the Chaudière subdivision which is 79 miles long, by the end of (edit) I really don't know :'( It is so much work.

Rai4Pete :wave:
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I wondered why all those awesome Bendorsey stations were showing up on the

Talk aboot :hehe: a cool route mate!!

*several bad puns later*
Thanks for your comments !

Here is the smallest station on this subdivision: Daaquam
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Looking forward to the release of this route screenshots look great. As young Fella I remember the circus train coming to the wharf in Lachine. I lived across the street .

Good luck.
Lost / Peter Fry
keep it up its a good looking route and era you selected is also good keep the old theme for your route
Back dating the route to 1959 when steam facilities was in place ! Here we are in the yard at Vallée-Jonction. Rail4Pete
Looking great! I like that ash pit... is it your own creation? Or is it available somewhere I don't know?
Yes, I too would love to know where you got such an awesome ash pit. Also, I am liking the look of this route, keep up the great work.
I made the plans and most texture for it.....then Bendorsey the Great did it in might be on DLS within today or tomorrow. Rail4Pete
BTW, I must say a big thanks to clam1952 who gave me permission to use some of his textures. So the texture for matching the area around the pit itself (apron) is ''cl dirt 06 kuid:425700:100492''. A back dated version of the pit is actually available at TPR.
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