The most complex loco you have driven in Trainz


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Well This would have to be in Cab mode of course ... We know steam locos can be very complex to fire and drive but how about some others .....

For me it has the be the Polish Trainz group EU-07 and EN-57 both of these electrics have a full set of controls ....

Starting from Dead with the EU-07, Put up the panto, turn on the converter waiting for 300V , main power, Low volts, compressor waiting for the brake preasure, release brakes and put her in forward and away we go not forgetting to use the field lever and watch the different overload lights (so don't try to open the throttle to fast!) and the driver alert as well.

The trick is as long as you don't mind using the keyboard is to have the screen high enough to be able to see the signals with overload light at top right of the panel on the bottom left of the screen, the other option is to use -freeintcam and move back a little from the panel so you can have a better view. you might still have to move back to operate some buttons and levers though.

On top of all this lots of the other nice features lits like each head light and rear light is seperate, windshield wipers ect.

Now this is getting a nice and real.

Tell me comments and if you know of more.

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To tell you the truth, the loco I choose is from MSTS. I hope I'm not disqualified because of it :p

It was the Empire State Express Hudson. A massive amount of controls came with it and driving it was a great deal of work.

Any triple header steam engines up a 2% gradient with a full load. ( Or down for that matter)
In my case any of the locomotives from ProTrain Perfect addons, particularly the BR232, turn on main power activate PZB, EbuLa, and Sifa, turn on engine heater (cannot start till it is up to 40 degrees centigrade), turn on motor, release brakes, change to forward, and up the throttle. Blasted engine is hardly less complex than the real thing, and you have to watch how much fuel you consume too!

The class 86/87 when you could use the cab controls to jump 4 notches actual power taps per notch on the controller. It was the only way I could replicate the Off, run down, notch down, hold, notch up, run up action of the controller IRL

That was pain in the backside until I figured it out and wrote the instructions for how to drive the thing!

Then Auran changed the way the cab operates and blew all of that out of the water!

Oh well.
Hi Zapperjet

If you want to include MSTS I could add the Irish BUT railcars from Ireland, simple enough, release th brakes put it in first geat and open the throttle, at 15 MPH change to 2nd at 25MPH change to 3rd and if your luckly going downhill you might get to 40 and get to use 4th gear.

Actually found it fun to drive before I removed MSTS when it did not like my new motherboard, bit of a shame, really likes those Irish trans in MSTS and Ballyshannon , would have brought Enterprise if i did not have the problems.

Thanksto all for all your great comments, amazing how many fully functional locos are now around.