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I have recently developed an intrest in this CP train 'The Canadian' and its CN rival 'The SuperContinental' These trains introduced in 1955 were fascinating longhaul [cross canada]. The information I have is rather limitted and consists of the following. Stainless Steel streamliner and senic dome.
Enginee's: F7 or E8 with A and B units. I've seen pictures of AB, ABA, and ABBA configuration hauling them.
F7A 1400, 1410, and 1411
F7B 1900, 4411, and CP4400
E8A 1800, and red 1802, 1902
E8B 1901
[any more??]Cars I've found on DLS
Baggae,RPO, Dinner, Dinner Buffet [dome], Coach, Sleeper, and Park Observation [dome]. [built by Bud and purchased from US]
Unable to find any 'U' series cars [coaches and sleepers reworked with siding to look like the others and used during peak times].
I've even found an old scanned schedule covering the 70 hrs of the trip from Toronto/Montreal to Vancouver.
The trip leaving TO(6hrs) and Mtl(9.5hrs) meet in Sudbury and joined to continue its westward journey.
As a young man working his way through University as a carman in Sudbury I've watered and cleaned these cars but my memory is hazy [probably the 40 below temperatures and midnight shift].

The two trains heading west would meet and combine at Sudbury with the overflow cars heading back to MTL/TO the next day as seperate trains.

Can someone provide more information about consists and traffic movement for this train. A 70 hour trip accross the country should have some stories.

Oh yes....The CPRail web site even includes MST models for those who use Trainz though - too bad.
Oh yes....The CPRail web site even includes MST models for those who use Trainz though - too bad.

Actually, The Canadian train set is available in Trainz. What version are you using?

For TRS2004, the cars are payware, available here:
I puchased them when they were new and I've not been sorry. They're great cars and except for the lack of passenger views, are darn near perfect! Also, incase you're wanting to model the present-day Canadian, purchase of this set also gives you access to VIA Rail reskins, as well as some cars painted in Amtrak livery.

If you're using TRS2006, and I assume you're not, then the cars are built-in content (well, the CP ones are). I think you'd still have to buy the payware package to get your hands on the VIA stuff.

Anyway, hope this helps.

**EDIT** Upon re-reading your post, I think I may have misunderstood, and I guess you already have these cars, since you said that you'd found them. I'll leave my original reply in case I'm mistaken**

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