Thank you to the trainz team


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This post is to show our thanks to the remaining team at trainz (Aiden Millot, James Moody, and Megan Berry), who have worked so hard to keep trainz alive these last few weeks and also to say thanks to the staff who have sadly lost their jobs for making trainz the word class train sim it is today. Maybe we could create a list of names in this forum and each leave a personal message for the Auran team
A big thank you and the very best of luck to the guys who have gone. Without you this 1st class Sim would be nothing. To the team who remain thanks for taking on the task as the Sim deserves it.
Thanks, also

Thanks guys,

I know that right now you feel like Custer's troops at the Little Bighorn, and things must look pretty grim. I just want you all to know that I understand the problems you are facing and wish you all success in the future with the best rail simulation program in the world.

I also want to thank you all. Your situation cannot be easy, but just hang in there and everything will smooth out over time. Best wishes for a very good 2008.