Tender lights


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Does anyone know how to make the lights work on the in-house BigBoy tender? (knock knock anyone home at Auran)
Should this question be in the scripting forum?
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I think that would require major scripting PLUS an edited mesh of the tender with coronas added to the rear of the tender.

Good idea, but it just requires a lot of time (oh, and scripting know-how, something I don't gots! ;) ).
yeah thanx Ferrous, I knew it would certainly be in that field but being part of the in-built assets I thought maybe Auran would be so kind as to fix such a small but EVER SO IMPORTANT aspect of happy Trainzing.
I'll wait and hope like usual. Cheers all.
I don't know if this is relevant, but speaking of Big Boys, what is the smallest radius it could have operated on? Many websites kep tellng me it's 20 degrees, but I want to know the radius in meters! Does anyone know the answer or a converter which could help me.

Thanks in advance.
Per Steamlocomotive.com site they agree about the 20° radius curve minimum for the Big Boy, which in HO scale is 40". Using the HO conversion of 1:87.086 then 40" in HO is equal to 290 foot or 88 meter radius curve.

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