Tehachapi Depot Burns Down


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It happened at 3:00 AM Friday June 13th. They almost had it completely renovated, was suppose to open it on July 4th. The Tehachapi city council said they would rebuild it. That's good. There are plenty of articles on the net, just Google Tehachapi depot fire.





That bites. I remember some years back seeing the depot then reading about it getting revamped a few months ago. Sad day for historical Tehachapi.:(
That's a real shame there. The new one (If they get around to it) won't have the same feel as the original one unfortunately.
That's too bad :( I visited there a few years ago when I was visiting the in-laws in SoCal. It was pretty cool to see the loop itself and visit that station.

Well, at least the fire was pretty :confused:

Total bummer about it burning down, especially right at the end of renovations. Bet that went over well with the funders...
I'm only glad that I had already pulled measurements and taken detail pictures of it before this happened. At least it lives on in Trainz. I'm going to go ahead and do another depot up with the interior while I can still remember how it looked inside.
The new one will be nice but not the same as the original. It was like stepping back in time when you walked into that depot. Some of the material would have to be special made to even look the same.
Luckily they had not moved the old signals and crossings over to the depot yet as they had planned to do later, as they are irreplaceable. They are still safe at there original location.
I have no doubt that the city will rebuild it. They wrangled with UP for 5 years to get it from them so that it would not be destroyed and built a new depot across the street for them to move into in trade.
terrible news, so many old wooden Depots have been lost to fire, but many were run down and abandoned but this is different, its so sad to see this happen to a town that deeply cared about its heritage, i hope they will rebuild but it wont be the same, once somethings gone it cant be truly replaced:(
You can find an exact replica of the Tehachapi Depot, water tank & historic sign on the DLS under my number.

39134:101497 Tehachapi Depot with pole lights & base
39134:101489 Tehachapi Depot with no pole lights or base
39134:101485 Tehachapi Historic sign
39134:101486 Tehachapi water tank with sign
39134:101491 Tehachapi water tank without sign
Well I just finished the Tehachapi depot with interior so I'll upload it in a day or so, after I beta test it.
Now I know why they say Friday the 13th is an unlucky day...:hehe: :'(

Anyhow, it's very sad. I'm glad the'll be a Tehachapi Depot with trainz. :D I wonder if it comes with the Tehachapi Loop route...?:confused:
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