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Will someone please, please, please post a simple a, b, c, do this, then do that, then go to here, Transdem tutorial using GE or Streetmaps.I have continuosly worked through all the Trainz tutorials that came with the software and I still do not know how to get the files I have ended up with into/onto a Trainz baseboard.The tutorials are simple to follow,but then I'm left in the air so to speak. Do I start off with a named baseboard or does transdem take care of that.it seems to me that Roland simply assumes that whoever is going to buy his work is already a HOG guru,whatever that means.A real good tutorial for a new software should as a matter of course, assume that the purchaser of the software ,which is an original innovation,knows absolutely nothing about it.Which in my case may be muliplied 4 fold.Can one multiply nothing fourfold;see what I mean.All the tutorials appear to start halfway through and do not go on to having even an asemblance of a route appear on Trainz. I confess that the problem probably lies between my ears,but I simply cannot get to grips with it.As I say, can someone please just enumerate a simple single baseboard tutorial.Once I see something on the baseboard,however imperfect,at least I will know I am on the right track and be encouraged to continue the struggle.
Yours in deparate hope, dabbie

to help you solving your problems I need some detailed information where exactly you encounter the difficulties.

Can you please confirm that you successfully completed tutorial 1 with all parts in the TransDEM Trainz manual:
  • Part 1: Creating Basic Route Files, DEM and Ground Texture Exporter, page 33
  • Part 2: Export of UTM Tiles, page 36
  • Part 3: Export of Vector Data to Create Track Splines, page 39
  • Part 4: Importing to TRS2006 with Content Manager Plus, page 40
  • Part 5: Verifying the Route in Surveyor, page 42
Did this work? If not, which part caused problems at which step?

Can you also please confirm that you were able to download the DEM for your route and successfully open it in TransDEM?

I understand, you were able to georeference GE images. Did you open them all again and save them as a group file (*.lgb)?

I also understand you could follow the Kidsgrove tutorial to access the 1:50000 topogr. map. Could you georeference the map clippings?

Now, normally, you would just follow the steps of TransDEM Trainz tutorial 1 once again, this time using your own DEM, your own topogr map clippings and your own large scale plans or GE images. Apparently this doesn't yet work for you. Please give me a few hints by answering at least yes/no to each of my questions listed here. Otherwise, without knowing where you got stuck, it is very difficult to give concrete advice.

2. From the TransDEM example directory (​
TransDEM-Beispiel\muengsten) we open

muengsten.dem as the DEM , muengsten_georef.trf as the raster map , I cant find any raster map in your files I have searched everywhere.Do you think I may have to reinstall?

You should have a folder:
C:\Program files\Ziegler-Tools\TransDEM-Beispiel\muengsten
with all the data for this tutorial.

C:\Program files\Ziegler-Tools\ is the default installation pass.
No,it isn't there.I shall reinstall. Must be a hiccup.
Thanks Bob.
Ps If the reinstall is successful I shall go through your tutorials again slowly.
Okay! I have reinstalledand found:

Open muengsten contains:

Is this correct now Roland? Sorry to be such a pain.
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