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Hi Tafweb
I'm afraid I have some bad news concening your Station
Axminster, the train does not stop in the station,but about 250 feet
beyond it, im on TRS 04 and I am running an AEC double cab train at the moment,hoping you can fix this little problem,as I rather like it,an do you
plan to make any more. P.S all your other stations work just fine.

Shearkhan (P. TAylor)
Many thanks Trackplate ( Bob V )
followed you suggestion now works a treat:D

Pleased it sorted it out for you, this was discovered some time ago but there has never been any suggestion as to how to improve the situation any other way
Regards Bob V
Ive not done this but i think it is down to the radius set in the station config. The centre track point only has a 3 radius and the others are 20. Alter this 3 to 20 and it may work better as they will all overlap each other. All the platforms ive done i make sure all radius overlap, any break in this causes the train to break the link.