Switches - Changing Direction


Get over it
Has any one figured out why some switches will change direction while there are cars on the switch causing derailments? A forum member has suggested that you move the switch moter farther away from the points, just outside the circle, but that hasn't helped me. There's no rhyme or reason that I can see. Any other suggestions?
Too many cars in the train?

Too many long cars in a train?

These are two other possibilities which have come up as well.

Outside of that, it's probably a really nasty bug which has been with us for over a decade at least.
I bought Donner Pass year a few years back and had this problem. I think it is the ghosts of the old Donner party and their sick sense of humor,
I think you move the switch closer to the points. Worked for me.
Used to be every 6 months or so, now it is every month that someone talks about this. Only thing I can say is that moving the exact place where the arrows are, away from the frogs, just a little, works for me and others. Then one magic day, a database repair happens, and some of these "modified" points will revert to what N3V considers "normal" and you get the problem again. Hard to believe that N3V does not know about this...
I found a solution for my faulty switch. After trying various suggestions with no luck I tried moving the switch farther away from the original spot, moving it closer and even changing the signal. Grasping at straws here. A short distance from the faulty switch were some side tracks that I was not using. What the heck, I deleted one at a time until there were no more side tracks and now the switch is okay. Why those side tracks, with their switches, caused the switch to change positions I don't know but I'm moving on. Hope this will help others. Give it a try.
Yet another solution for the same problem! :)

I'll give that a try too.

I wonder if this is because some AI driver looked for a path down those tracks while another train was occupying the switch because it was looking for a way around the occupying train.

A test for that would be to place some consists - a boxcar or two - on the sidings and see if that prevents the AI from flipping switches.
John, I was NOT running any other trains when this occurred. When I tested the new configuration, deleting of side tracks, I used one train only. Good luck figuring this out.
You can go around and around trying consists, signals spur tracks and all. The bottom line is that when a set of points have the padlock over it, NOTHING, should change it. One thing is for sure, that flat car that carries logs will invariably derail under the default setting. Another twist is that if you use those HOTT procedural switches, there is no derailing. Go figure!

It would seem that for some reason the junction is released prematurely. I've found that using Interlocking Towers in T:ANE seems to be the only thing that consistently cures it, presumably because the tower locks the junction until the train clears the last signal on a path.