Survey: Display Settings for Trainz

Getting the right color for my models is a very crucial part for research and development of my projects. However, some users might have different screens and/or screen/gamma display settings that could offset the color tone of the model.

In short, I would just like to see what the average Trainz user has for their display.

I would like to know if you use a LCD or CRT screen, The brightness and contrast percentages you have set up for the screen you have (the ones that you can physically push buttons for on the screen), the brightness and contrast settings you have for the Video Color Settings (computer display settings/graphics card), the kind of graphics card you have, and finally how many notches to the right your gamma slider in Trainz is.

Here is an example of an ideal answer:

100% brightness, 100% contrast (monitor settings)
50% brightness, 50% contrast (computer display)
GeForce 8800 GTS
5 notches to the right (TRS2004 default)

Any feedback would be great!
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Okay, here's mine:

brightness 74; contrast 56
ATI settings: brightness 0 (-100 - 100 scale); contrast 100 (0 - 200 scale)
ATI Radeon X550
Usually full sliders TRS '04, '06

1995 Digital Branded 15" CRT
Brightness (Knob) full on turn (Eq 95%), Contrast (Knob again) full on turn (Eq 100%)
Nvidia settings: default
Nvidia Geforce 5200FX 2003 Model
Default TC & SP3 gamma sliders
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Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback!

Judging from the two posts already there seems to big a difference as to what a Trainz user has for their display.

Any body else that wants to contribute?


LCD (LG 20.1in Widescreen)
Brightness - 100, Contrast - 70, Gamma - 0
nVidia Control Panel - Default (all 50% except Gamma - 0%)
GeForce 8800GTS
TC settings, all to the right, max detail

Hope this helps... :)
For your information...

Just calculated the results. According to my survey, the average, active Trainz user has a:

LCD screen
Nvidia graphics card
Brightness: 84% Contrast: 84% (monitor settings)
Brightness: 70% Contrast: 70% (computer display)
Default Trainz GAMMA settings (5 notches to the right)
Computer monitor (no fancy flat panel yet)
Radeon 9550 Video Card
Brightness/Contrast: Default
Trainz Gamma: +1
Trainz Options: Sliders full-right, except draw distance(s) @ full -3.