Suggestions needed for train tracks.


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Hey all.

I was wondering what custom track looks the best for a high speed train route combined with heavy freight? I know concrete tracks are essential for high speed trains like Acela, TGV, Eurostar, Shinakensens, etc. Freight only needs wood tracks, right?

The main line I'm building has quadruple tracks so I can run 2 high speed trains and 2 commuter rail / heavy freight trains at the same time.

I heard that custom tracks look much better than the built-in content. I'm using Trainz 2006 (Railwayz edition), and I'm using "1 track concrete" and "2 track concrete".

Any suggestions for nice looking concrete tracks or heavy rail traffic tracks?
Hi Veristek,
have you tried to use the MP Concrete track? I'm not sure if this track along with the MP Wood Track are bulit in.
To answer your question about freight trains only needing wood, No. take a look at the BNSF. (Im sure there are some decent pic's out on the web for this. )

Hope this help's
Mike S.
Hi Veristek,

I would recommend MP track, it is lo polly and suits main line running very well. There are a few variations MP track concrete kuid 68787:38013 or MP track wood kuid 68787:38014. BTW I would not recommend using 2 track or 4 track as they cannot be straightened. If you require multiple tracks lay them with single track.


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