Suburban buildings

I want to make a route that is pretty suburban all the way in, but I can't find any appropiate houses or a way to place masses of them at the same time. Is there any easy way to do this without having every house identical?

Also, if I want the route to be constantly rising up a mountain, so say the Terminus is 30 km away from the city, and it is 1000m above the city's elevation, is there some way I can build this and set the baseboards to rise to the right height, or set the height individually while im building it, or do I have todo this manually?
Hi Bomberswarm2,

The only way I know of adding building is indvidually. I have about 100 houses which I randomly add to my layout. As for the height All you can do is add each board and increas the height as you go. One of my layouts (based on actual rail line) rises at a incline of about 1.5% for over 15 kilometres. It is one of the steepest inclines of any railway here in oz.
Yeah, the lack of a method to keep the same orientation/last-used setting is a huge problem. You'd think it would at least be an option, if not the default setting. Best I can suggest is getting used to copy-and-pasting.
So there is no option to set a board to a certain height or to have an incline of a certain %? That will make things harder.
I would say TS2010. Even when T:ANE comes out, it's quite likely that it'll go through some teething issues. Trainz always does, and this is almost a completely a new version with completely new code.
You can set the height in the ground tab on thr right of the screen and then us that to bring the ground up to a certain level. This is what I did. With each new board I added I increased the height. Alos when laying track you can set the rate on incline or set each spline point height.
If you look on the DLS for assets by "dmdrake" he has a number of suburban house sets available both as solid and splined objects. (Westside, Southside, Tract or Neighborhood should narrow the search down). They are older models so the built in trees suffer from transparency issues in TS12 and are based on US style buildings, but for middle to further distance will not look out of place on an Australian route.

The only other option is to assemble your own blocks of (say) a dozen or so houses, add some foliage and a suitable terrain texture(s) then copy and paste, rotating as necessary. If your town is on uneven ground I would recommend using house models which have a foundation level, that extends several feet under ground. This will avoid edges and corners standing proud in mid-air.
As a side note, when you paste you have four options, paste height, textures, objects and track. As Vern suggested create a block of houses with textures, trees, driveways, etc and just paste textures and objects and you should be good to go.
FYI, Dave Drake (dmdrake) also has a number of industrial/warehouse grouped buildings and splines on the DLS, which serve very nicely as mid to background fillers without having to spend large amounts of time detailing a small area. (Oh for autogen, though!).
I should point out that I've done a few of this type of building, albeit somewhat more urban. Try also looking for houses or buildings described as "blocks" or "terraces".