Strange Plane...!


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I think someone mention this years ago: A plane (jetliner) is circling over an area of my route, on two boards and over the void. Is visible in Surveyor, drive, route and session. Flies slow over an over. I have never seen it before. I have not downloaded anything lately. Clicking on it reveals nothing. Can't be deleted and the flying is not circular, so there is no center point where you could click to at least see what it is. Have anyone seen this effect before? And how can it be deleted?
There is another thread just opened about this, but since I started it here, I'll continue. I have read the older posts and what other people did to get rid of it. This is what I have done so far: Yes, in wireframe you don't see any object serving as base for the plane to be there ( I went in very detail on this just in case). Then I went to CM and found the jet effect item. You would say that if you screw the Config file the asset will not show. I deleted it jointly with all the other files. Jet effect can't be deleted because is grayed, but now the file is empty and I also deleted the contents from the recycle bin. So in fact, this asset should not work. But the plane still flies! A "Find asset" shows that the asset is not there. Then I must assume that this particular asset is called something different, but since I can't click on it, it does not show a KUID in surveyor. Does anybody has any more ideas? And yes, all the other comments you may read in the other thread, applies to what I see, so is the same.
Jet Effect <kuid:225064:4010880> by Shoves in on the DLS as version SP3 dated 17th December 2006.

However, it was updated (still as SP3), on 21st January 2015.

See here:


Note that the kuid has not been updated for the "newer" version on the DLS search results screen, although it does show as Kuid2:225064:4010880:1 when viewing the history, and would presumably be downloaded with the updated kuid.

I don't have newer versions of Trainz so only get FTP downloads when I want them. Aren't some newer versions getting automatically connected downloads these days? I'm no expert, but wonder if that may have something to do with it.
Problem solved! At least at the moment.. After deleting files in the asset, I had to do a "commit", otherwise the changes don't take effect. Now no more plane and I hope I will never see it again. Thank to all for the interest on this.