Steeple Cab Locomotive


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I"m building a route based on the railways of Sunderland and one line used used an o-4-0 Overhead Electric steeple cab loco built by BTH in 1900.Is there sush a thing available on the DLS? It was little bigger than a 16 ton coal wagon.Unfortunately the only photo I"ve seen is copyright so I can"t post it......:eek:
Thats a dead ringer for the Sunderland loco Wessex! They used to have a similar one on the Harton Colliery system in South Shields and I remember seeing it in 1980 - every square inch of it was polished and shining to themax.They really took care of it..:cool:
Great site. The movie was interesting. I didn't see any overhead, so I suppose it was running on batteries.
I also like the Kearsley No. 1.

:cool: Claude
a steeple cab... like what the CNS used? if so; Landrvr1 made one that works... someone would be able to email it to you.

It means It will never be. landrvr1 requested that all his stuff be removed from the DLS. He has although given his permission for it to distributed by email.