Steam whistle?


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Okay, question. On the steam locomotives, you pull the whistle and you get the same tone no matter how long and far you blow it. Is it possible to make a whistle where when you pull the whistle its toned, as if you pull very little the whistle is quiet and pull more and gets louder? I know you can get pre-recorded whistles where you just press the button and it plays its self, but thats not what im trying to get at.:p
Certain whistles do have this feature where you can give short toots ... others do not as they just play full length ... it all depends on the length of the wav sound file
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At the moment there is no quill-able whistle for trainz which allows different sounds at different pulls of the cord. I've experimented with it but wasn't able to get it work smoothly. A few others have expressed interested in developing something to make this work, but nothing has come to life yet.
Back in the day the old timers said you could tell who was driving the train by the way he blew the whistle.

Love the steam whistle.
I've always thought that it would be great if you could use a joystick to control a quillable whistle.

That's one of your good ideas, Cascade. Have an intelligent whistle-post that can identify a loco and play the corresponding sound file, or a choice of sound files.