stalled startup


I have downloaded T:ANE both with the online installer, and with the offline. Then installed from both at different times. Install seems to be successful. Upon starting Trainz the first time, I get a popup indicating that the startup will take several minutes. For me, it always stalls. My last attempt I let run overnight, it never completed. There is little to no CPU activity, same with disk access, memory usage is steady.

The startup counter stalls at 11, 12, 13, 47 and as in the screenshot over 500. I have no idea what the counter represents.

Any ideas how to get startup to complete?

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Hi Gary,

What are the specs of your machine?

This is helpful for troubleshooting.

Also make sure you are connected to the network/internet initially.

Sometimes quitting and restarting helps.

Thanks for your suggestions. Yeah, the specs. I had no idea that my graphics card did not support DX11. I'll have to upgrade.
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